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How often are you changing your engine oil? Mineral based oil we recomend every 3,000 miles and synthetic oils every 6,000 miles.

Below is an oil pickup screen at 94,130 miles using Volkswagen recomended 10,000 oil change interval. The stop engine and low oil pressure display would come on.


LSD track car differential adjustment 997 GT3RS Indiana vehicle
996 project vehicle from Kentucky
996/997 coolant pipe pinning work
Cayenne project
Another 997 project
BMW oil change intervals as per manufacture
BMW solenoids when you follow there oil change interval
My Grandson he is special
Jaguar AC evaporator replacement
2001 Jaguar 4.0 liter with valve job, all new chains, rails, and tensioners
My son's Silvia project
Scott Denmark 944TT
Engine compartment
Dash and steering wheel removed
Lake Michigan sunset while at Gingerman Raceway